Friday, July 3, 2009

Posting Day!

Howdy everyone! (I am still recovering from the Symposium -- BUT, I am sooooo inspired! I've been making things like crazy, using new techniques I learned!)

Anyway, back to the business... the wonderful business at hand! I've posted six more hooks on eBay today, including some brand new nosties and a needle case in my store.

My favorite hook has got to be my new Tori Amos inspired piece -- brought to life through her American Doll Posse song: "Girl Disappearing."

This song has been quite important to me over the past couple of years -- I can certainly relate to it's thematic references -- I've lived some of those things. Indeed, I'm happy to have "boycott(ed) trends" and found a different way of being over the past ten years or so.

Reading the rest of the lyrics, I found it quite a romantic notion to escape to a constellation -- a place of there or possibly not there -- is it reachable? I don't know -- maybe. I suppose that I've never tried.

What was interesting to me while making this hook was that I normally gravitate to the chorus, the bit about "riding on backs of palominos," but whenever I thought about creating the hook, all that would come to mind was the stanza:

Envy can spread
Herself so thinly
She slipped in
Before I could notice it

And I suppose it was quite apropos for creation of a crochet hook -- after all, you can't really tell the entire story in such a diminutive format -- best to focus on the most important point.

So, I took that traditional green for envy and based the hook around that idea, "slipping" a thin band of green between the (almost pure) white of Holly -- the innocence of the protagonist of the song. After carving the spiraling designs, I painted them in varying, shading greens, allowing them to almost dissipate at the top; a metaphor for letting go of that anger, the forgiveness of self for wanting what isn't possible.

I couldn't resist adding a 3 mm Peridot gemstone, which I set in Sterling Silver, which really brings the piece home for me. This piece is engraved with my signature/artist's mark.

At any rate, I very much enjoyed making this hook -- it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

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