Friday, November 26, 2010

Thimbles & Posting Day

New crochet hooks posted on eBay tonight! (And check out the brand new THIMBLES on eBay and Etsy -- great stocking stuffers!)

Guess what... (you probably already did, based on what I just wrote,) ...but... I have now added Thimbles to my collection of fiber arts tools! Not only that, but I've recently acquired NEW colorways in the dyed hardwoods, and they make exquisite thimbles and crochet hooks.

How exactly is a thimble made? First, I cut a block of wood to size, carefully on the bandsaw. I then mount in the chuck on the lathe, and hollow out the center with a specially-shaped drill bit.

I then re-mount the block on a tapered form, (a jam chuck for all the woodturners out there), and turn the final shape, removing the tail support, and carefully cutting the rings on the top side. (If you don't do it carefully, (and make sure you use italics), the piece is liable to jump off of the lathe and end up who-knows-where. (Don't ask me how I know this... keep your tools sharp!)

One also must make sure the walls of the thimble are the perfect thickness, and that the piece doesn't crack while on the jam chuck. The tail-stock must not be over-tightened, (again, cracks may happen). Critically , I cut the grooves in the top deep enough to support a needle -- after all, these are usable, functional tools, and must serve their purpose.

The inside is left unfinished, providing for superior grip-ability, and the outside is polished to a high shine!

Shape-wise, I chose a moderne design, opting out of over-ornamentation, going with a sleek look. (They look quite good on! (See below))

These thimbles make a lovely and fun addition to your collection of needle-working notions, and are perfect gifts for yourself, and friends who like to quilt, do needlepoint, sewing, embroidery, etc. (Even crocheters and knitters may need them as they tuck in the tail-ends of their yarn!)

Thimbles, are of course, an excellent way of helping push needles through difficult situations!

Enjoy the glorious colors! See my shops on eBay and Etsy for my new thimbles.


P.S. And please don't hesitate to ask if you need more details -- whether you are a woodturner or a needleworker I'm happy to help. E-mail me at