Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Day!

Life is better today!

I get to see the goddess in concert: Tori Amos! Hooray! Bought tickets this morning to see her in Denver. I'm always blissed for weeks afterward!

*~* Happy Dance *~*

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am conceiving of a Very Special crochet hook to be unveiled at the AAW Symposium in June. I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I woke up on a hill of electrons...

... and was prompted to choose a template, and a layout, and complete the Profile...

Ahhh, I've arrived in Blog-land!

Greetings fellow citizens, I'm new!

Well, new here at any rate -- I've been around for a while otherwise. I am a professional woodturner. Yes, that means I LOVE my job. Please check out my web page at to see my work. I focus mainly on creating fiber arts tools: crochet hooks, nostepindes, needles cases, etc. Of course, that only fuels my interest in exploring all of the other ways to turn wood!

(While I'm digging through my files, let me post a pic -- this Q will go on Etsy next week)

I have approximately three cats: Arabella, Jingle, and Magnolia (Maggy Mae), whom I love dearly. My life would inexorably, most unpleasantly altered without them.

In other news, today my Magnolia expanded her snack repertoire. I don't even want to think about it, but suffice it to say: it probably "tasted like chicken." I'm going to have to keep a better watch on her to prevent too much natural instinct from kicking in.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty busy day: I've been making some special projects for special people, and new wood arrived! Hooray!