Saturday, November 14, 2009

Posting Day!

Greetings everyone! I've just done a monster posting today, with items on both eBay and Etsy! Among those are crochet hooks, needle cases (which are also perfect for carrying toothpicks), and nostepindes! These all made fantastic gift items -- and they are hand-made by a real person, (me), a professional craftsman who takes pride in her work. Very special gifts indeed!

I am happy to make nostepindes/ball winders, and needle cases as custom orders for the Christmas season. If there's a colorway/wood/stone that you've been wanting, please e-mail me!

Below is a sampling of the lovely items I've put up today:

Check out the "Money" toothpick holders -- yes, made from REAL United States currency! I've got one on eBay and one on Etsy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Posting Day!

Five brand new crochet hooks on eBay today! See a gorgeous new hook from my Signature Ornate Hook Series: "Winter Swirling" !

Monday, November 2, 2009

Posting Day!

I'm soooo glad it's finally November -- my very favorite month of all! It's the month of orange, and Thanksgiving, and (probably) my birthday, though you never can tell. It's the month when cool breezes bring that fresh winter frost, when the brightest stars shine from the heavens and we can welcome back our favorite Hunter and his dog Sirius. I LOVE the smell of snow.

In other news, I've just posted five new crochet hooks on eBay!

This absolutely GORGEOUS piece, (which is one of those I added to my eBay store), was a very interesting one to make. I choose the types of wood based on their color -- and the lyptus (the peach-colored shaft) goes amazingly well with the bi-colored stripes on the Dyed Curly Hardwood, which forms the finial.

As I was turning, I had this thought to create a "vase" shape where the ornamentation starts. (For some reason I normally don't start out this way, but this piece practically insisted!) At any rate, I continued to turn the hook, and often stopped the lathe to see how the designs were unfolding on the finial... it was practically mesmerizing.

To me, the striations in the dyed wood looked like tendrils of smoke floating upward, and inspired me to write a lovely story about it. (See the eBay listing). Anyway, it's quite interesting because besides this bi-color effect, the wood also has wonderful chatoyant "curls" which show up as shortened stripies, and look like undulations in the wood.

A fantastic, lovely lovely piece! I'm sooooo tempted to keep this one-of-a-kind piece for myself.