Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Posting Day!

Well... post posting day, but I have soooo much to tell you, it's taken me two days to write! Firstly, I've posted some brand new, GORGEOUS hooks on eBay! (See those two beauties below? Check them out on eBay!)Speaking of... the new fashions for hooks have arrived! My new design series is called "Unexpected Details." Because I use so much color and shape in my work, I often feel like a fashion designer, and love to come up with new things. The "Unexpected Details" series will incorporate tiny details, perhaps even barely noticeable, but which make all the difference in the world. I guess it's my way of adding a "hidden treasure" in plain sight -- but only if you look closely!

In other news, I have returned from the AAW National Symposium in Albuquerque! I had an wondrous time!

I saw many woodturning celebs, and got to attend demos by the best in the field. I learned all kinds of marvelous things, and came back inspired, enchanted, and improved.

The instant gallery was absolutely incredible; the artwork was marvelous! My very favorite piece of the show was "Renaissance" by Cindy Drozda. (Second from left in the picture below).

The picture doesn't even come CLOSE to doing justice to her wonderful artwork -- the shape, the form, the finish, the colors are literally breathtaking! Soooooo beautiful, and unquestionably Perfect. (Yes, "perfect" with a capital "P," or, in other words, Magnificent!)

The walls of the goblet are incredibly thin. You can't see it in the photo, but the bead on the finial mirrors the natural edge finish on the amboyna goblet with tiny scallops. The very tip of the finial also has these carved points, ending in an emerald-green chrome diopside stone! The detail is just extraordinary!!! (I won't even TELL you what's inside!)

I was also privileged to see her demonstrate her ultra-fine turning at the trade show. I spent hours watching... I was utterly captivated by her skill and artistry. She's AMAZING! (Check out her web site). She created fine fine finials, as well as demonstrated her signature Finial Box and her Finial Star Box, using her brand-new line of signature tools! (Check them out at Packard Woodworks) The recess cutter is my absolute FAVORITE! (And the vortex tool is... well, "large grin" may suffice as a description!)

Even as I was watching, she came up with a brand new finial design incorporating what she calls "wave forms," separated by impossibly narrow v-grooves. She continued to demo these throughout the show, astonishing us with her prolific creativity!

In other news, I am glad to be back home! My cats missed me, especially my tiny Arabella. ...And it felt really weird not to be covered in wood chips!

Time to get turning again!

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