Monday, June 1, 2009

Posting Day!

Monday! It's posting time! (Or, actually, post posting time, since I've already posted what I needed to post!)

I've just put 10 new hooks on eBay, and they're all a treat! Gorgeous, every one of them!

There are two up there that showcase designs that I was inspired to do after visiting the Utah Woodturning Symposium, and here's a little teaser for you...

I've been carving the surface to create a very delicate texture, then painting the carved area with metallic acrylics. They shine sooo beautifully in the light! The texturing is much more substantial in the hand -- if only I could find a way to photograph it better!

In any case, I find I really enjoy this kind of decoration -- it reminds me of when I was a child, (eons ago), and I painted swirls and swirls all over the pages. Rather like a form of pointillism, I suppose -- using these lines of color to create basic shapes, (like flowers, trees, hills, etc.).

This evening, I also posted some wonderful eye-candy in the form of needle cases! (These can also be used as toothpick holders). I added a total of six tonight, all in the brightly beautiful Dyed Hardwoods with 24k gold plated findings. Here are three of them:

Well, back to the shop! See you soon!

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