Thursday, July 16, 2009

Posting Day!

Greetings everyone!
"Banksia Space Station"
by Cindy Drozda

If you haven't signed up for Cindy Drozda's workshop yet, TODAY is the day! I am soooooo looking forward to it! She makes the most extraordinary boxes and lidded vessels you've ever seen! And she's teaching us how to make them! What could be better??? Check out her blog for more information, or her web site to see more of her exquisite work.

My news for today includes four new lovelies on eBay!

My roses are blooming like crazy! They're so beautifully bright in the summer sunlight -- pinks, and peaches, and reds, and fuchsias! They inspired one of my hooks today.

Lovely pink flowerets bloom on a verdant green background, golden-green vine connecting these seeds of life!

I quite enjoyed making this hook -- it's a design I've never tried before, and I think it came out quite beautifully. I'm particularly pleased with the shape of the flowers and petals, (as well as the shading within the painting part of it). So pretty!

The second hook is from my new series "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" -- it is entitled "Squid #2".

I'm particularly fascinated at the way the craft of turning can produce such a perfect squid shape. It's made me wonder what other sorts of creatures are similarly round and radially symmetrical, in hopes that I can find a way to represent those as well.

The hooks are always so much more magical in the hand than they are in photographs... and the squid hook is no exception! The "eye" is a 3mm Garnet set in Sterling Silver, and sparkles beautifully in the light, really seeming to bring the creature to "life." The tentacles wrap all the way around the hook.

This, as well as the "Summer Blooms" hook are signed pieces.

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