Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Posting Day!

Hooray! Hooray! It's Posting Day! It's the day I get to share all of my new fiber arts tools with you!

Today I posted FIVE new crochet hooks on eBay, as well as added a couple of lovelies to my Etsy page.

Here are two of the eBay gals:

The green gal on the left is absolutely STUNNING in the hand! That CZ is so very sparkly! (Did you know that CZs have the highest refractive index aside of diamonds? -- and it absolutely shows!) I wish I could take better photographs of the gemstones -- they're brilliant-cut, and so reflect light incredibly well.... so well that it appears as a single facet in the picture. Hmm... maybe I should try different lighting angles? At any rate, the "Golden Vine" hook is a treasure!

The purple hook on the right is a special one -- I was thinking about what sort of design I'd like to create, and started off with the tiny little dots on the middle "bead." From there, my mom's advice came to mind -- she's been suggesting that I do polka dots on some of the hooks... so here it is! I had a difficult time choosing between all the colors of metallic acrylic, (they're all so lovely!), but finally chose a gorgeous cerulean -- so beautiful. Like a mix of lapis lazuli and aquamarine. Of course, I added a host of other colors in layers to create a "jewel-tone" look.

The polka dots wrap all the way around the hook, even over the very tippy top!

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