Friday, October 2, 2009

Posting Day!

Hooray, another posting day has arrived! As Autumn has come knocking at my door, I'm definitely in a fall mood. I've posted SIX more hooks on eBay today, including several thematically related to the season. Check them out!

Yes, I couldn't resist delving into the traditional fall colors: oranges, red, golds, and bronzes. My thoughts are of pumpkins and harvests, leaves changing, and finally getting to wear sweaters and warm windbreakers that have been hibernating in the closets all summer long.

Of course, the absolute star of today's posting is my new "Autumn's Daughter" hook. I turned this hook almost two weeks ago, and I couldn't figure out how to decorate it. I knew she needed something, but I had no idea of what to do. Finally, the thought came: I should do LEAVES -- autumn leaves, swirling, dancing in the breezes.

After I carved this free-hand design, I then painted it in metallic acrylics, adding reds, bronzes, golds, and even a touch of greens, layering the colors to intensify the effect. I eagerly awaited the moment that the paint would be dry so I could inset a 3mm Peridot gemstone set in Sterling Silver.

The green of the Peridot adds something special to this hook -- brings it more liveliness, rather like the last green leaf on an Aspen turned golden. Like finding the proverbial "needle in the haystack" -- it's a little surprise!

Must say, I'm definitely enjoying the season!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work and great choices of wood. Nice to see someone put the "Master" touch to the hooks. Just a great all around look and finish. I am inpressed.

    Doug in AZ.
    a.k.a. woodguyi