Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Posting Day!

Halloween and pumpkin time is fast approaching! Have you gotten out all of your orange and black yarn yet???

I have a marvelous treat -- two crochet hooks made especially for the season! Check them out on eBay! (Plus three more and several brand new nostepindes and hair sticks!)

The first hook above combines one of my favorite natural colors of wood with a marvelous acrylic, I call the piece "Ectoplasmic!"

The second piece is a special one -- the idea was floating around in my head for weeks. Initially, I was going to make two separate hooks -- one featuring each character. However, because of time restraints, I thought that making one with two faces might be even more interesting.

The hat was accomplished with segmentation, combining a piece of "Charcoal" Dyed Hardwood to the green "Jadewood." (All of my segmentation is done with secure, proper joinery techniques such as are used in the cabinetmaking industry).

I carved the textures for the hair, eyes, and mouth, then painted them in metallic acrylics. I like to layer the paints so that they have a more jewel-like effect when viewed. For Zelda the witch, I used copper, bronze, orange, and red paints for her hair, then painted her lips in two shades of red. Frankie has lovely zig-zag hair painted in purple with silvery specks.

The hook came out to be completely and adorably cute! Happy Halloween!

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