Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Posting Day!

New nosties have arrived today! I posted those three beauties below, as well as four new crochet hooks on eBay!

I'd forgotten how much I like making nostepindes! I had lots of fun turning them, and whatever you choose to call them: nostepindes, nostepinnes, or ball winders, they turned out great!

Nosties work wonderfully well as ball winders for those extra-long, extra- un-wound hanks of yarn that you find in your LYS. I find them incredibly useful, especially to prevent the over-stretching of yarn that you tend to get when you use a mechanical ball winder.

I couldn't help but use some of my favorite colors of the Dyed Hardwoods... annnnnnnndddd Curly Maple! Yes, that beauty in the middle has chatoyant stripes that dance in the light!

Check them out!

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