Friday, August 21, 2009

Posting Day!

Guess what.... it's posting day! Hooray!

I have added FIVE lovely new lovelies to eBay, including those three peeking out from the side!

As I was making these hooks, I had so much fun putting together different colored woods, combining the dyed hardwoods with beautiful natural colors.

Of course my design ideas were just flying! The shapes seemed to "play" as I gently turned them with my chisels, coming out with gorgeous designs!

The theme, I think, this week must be summer and the beginnings of fall. Even as our tomatoes ripen in the garden and the yellow flowers of the cucumbers grow into fruit, the prairie is goldening.

The wind is bringing that wonderful cool air that tells me autumn is beginning to fall. The fresh breezes invigorate my spirit, and inspire me to do wonderful things.

The lathes have me at their beck and call, the wood sings from the shelves: Pick ME first! New tools want their turn too, anxious to participate in autumnal bliss!

I love fall. It has all the freshness of spring, but in colors of maturity -- reds, oranges, soothing browns, and subtle greens; the golden prairie reflects peacefulness and wealth that the season brings.

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