Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Posting Day!

Hooray, it's posting day! I have put up some extraordinary beauties this week on eBay!

I had the urge to do another polka-dot hook -- it must be the summer sunshine taking effect! I love Osage Orange -- the color and smoothness can't be beat! It's a wonderfully golden orange color, and I couldn't resist pairing it with purple! (What better combination?)

When I create these special hooks, I always like to shade the colors very carefully and add multiple layers of paint, so that it adds a richness to the piece, and ends up having a jewel-like quality. This little polka-dotted beauty came out to be very lovely indeed!

Of course, my favorite hook of this week has to be the "Golden Blooms" hook -- I really love the natural way the design wants to meander around the hook. This particular hook has "one" vine that connects all of the flowers (and bud!), and wraps around the piece, culminating in a tiny spiral ending at the top of the hook.

The design is completely carved into the hook, then painted in metallic acrylics. The carving gives the design depth and permanency. I painted the flowers in various shades of gold with a pearly white center, and the vines in several shades of green.

Both pieces are signed with my artist's mark. (You can see my "snowflake" at the top of the Osage Orange hook). I had a delightful time creating these two hooks!

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