Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Glories

Summer is in full swing here in Cheyenne, WY. We are in the midst of Frontier Days -- a nice outing if you're from out of town, but an inconvenient traffic entanglement if you are local. It's brings good business to town though, and the Native American dances are fun to watch.

In my own "backyard", my mum has been working and working to get our garden growing, and what a success it's become! Our planting area is quite large - about 12 by 50 feet, so it takes a huge amount of care and maintenance. Forgive some of the weeds in the photos. Yesterday was a harvest day, and we spent over an hour collecting chard, spinach, and snow peas.

I figured I should post some pictures of our garden glories while the growing is good!

A virtual tour of the garden:

On the north end, we have summer squash in the form of yellow squash and zucchini, which are just starting to bloom. Then, two rows of snow peas, uplifted by trellises. The peas have been fruiting like crazy! We are harvesting every couple of days -- and goodness are they sweet!!!

Between the rows of peas, we snuck in some parsley and dill.

Mid-garden we have tomatoes in the forefront, just beginning to bloom. Behind them are the cucumbers, also starting to have blooms. Both of these plants seemed to get started late -- the cold prevented a lot of the "leaping" from the ground that we have come to expect.

In the very background are raspberry bushes, some type that apparently grows well here. No sign of flowers or fruit yet...

Next, we have kohlrabi, with it's strong and beautiful leaves. And in the same row, bok choy, which has gone to seed (regrettably) without producing a full head of leaves. We think it must be due to the weird weather -- first very cold, then very hot and raining. At least we'll harvest more seeds than were in the packet. (Only 10 seeds!)

The strong beets are next, and spinach. After, chard, which was just harvested yesterday, (hence the de-leafed appearance of the plants). Behind those are onions.

Here, an onion plant is having an intimate entanglement with a strawberry!

The onions are doing great! We planted about 200 of them, (overdoing it, I know), but we can have fresh green onions every single day!


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