Sunday, July 24, 2011

The excitement of something little...

I just made some GORGEOUS new crochet hooks and posted them on eBay last night. (See photo below for the glorious details!)

This spring I was in the unfortunate situation of not having my beloved lathe to work on. My busy hands needing to keep busy, I decided to get out my crochet hooks and knitting needles to delve into some fiber arts. Most specifically, I am knitting socks. I started out by buying the typical ok-but-not-great yarn found at my local craft store, mostly skeins on clearance... and then, as I was searching for nice knitting needles online, I found something entirely different...

(I needed, needed, some Addi Turbo Circular needles -- they are soooooo much easier to use than some other brands I've tried. I like to make my socks on two circular needles -- that way I can do both socks at once, (making sure they are the same length), and finish them both at the same time, avoiding the dreaded "one sock syndrome"!)

Forgive the diversion... I shall continue the story...
At this online fiber-holics shop I found yarn, (sock yarn), on sale... so I bought some. It arrived a few days later and I was enamored: sparkly yarn, yarn that was knitted into flat squares, then printed, yarn space-dyed into brilliant colors! I was hooked!

I then went back and found sock yarn that was NOT on sale, but I couldn't help myself, I bought it anyway! This glorious spun wool felt so scrumptiously silky running through my fingers, it was ecstasy through propinquity!

Then, last night, I sauntered through the gardens of Etsy, and found and found and found... (and bought!) Goodness me it felt fantastic!

And... I have been knitting like crazy, finishing 7 pairs of socks in the past month! (see above) Anyway, I guess my point is -- even if sometimes it feels like there's "no money" -- it can be worth it to treat yourself to a little something. Such bright little spots of happiness enliven and invigorate the spirit, awakening creativity once again.

Starting by following the first couple of patterns by-the-book, I've moved on to designing several of my own, creating unique works for myself and my mom. (One thing I like doing is calculating the exact number of stitches in each sock, so I can relate the fact to curious onlookers. Did you know that (on average) there are over 21,000 stitches in a pair of socks?)

Anyway, I suppose the point is -- take care of yourself. Do something special for yourself: treat yourself to a dinner out, a skein of yarn, a hand-made wooden crochet hook, or even a CD of your favorite artist. Have fun!


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