Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally, a Posting Day!

Brrrrrrr! The fall, (yes autumn, we're still not officially in "winter" yet!) has been freezing, and even more than that! Snow has fallen, and temps have been waaaayyyy below zero. My shop/studio has been too cold to work in... BUT, thanks to some westerly winds, the warmth is back! (And by warmth, we're talking 40'F! :-)

I am pleased to announce my posting of three crochet hooks on eBay and three more on Etsy! Hopefully the temps will hold, (and I can get a better heating system in the meantime!)

One other announcement: if you are looking for a VERY special gift item, please see my friend Cindy Drozda's web site and brand new Etsy shop! She makes the most exquisitely gorgeous work -- beautiful beyond belief! Truly wonderful art pieces that would make an incredible gift for a treasured person.

I absolutely LOVE candy canes... as a child I used to eat them all through the Christmas season, tasting their delightfully sweet peppermint flavor, reveling in every last bit! Nowadays it's the color that I find most appealing -- those simple red and white stripes that swirl upward with a prancing sort of happiness!

I couldn't help but make a "Candy Cane" crochet hook this Christmas -- the stripies were calling out to me! The red in the hook (pictured above) is naturally crimson Bloodwood, a hard, dense wood from South America that makes wonderful crochet hooks. I then carved and textured two stripes that swirl around the entire top of the hook, and painted them with metallic acrylics, adding little dots that seem to dance to the heavens!

For extra shine and sparkle, I then added a 3 mm brilliant-cut Cubic Zirconia gemstone, set in sterling silver... right in the middle of the larger stripe. The pictures don't show it well at all, but in the hand it sparkles like magic! (Check out my Candy Cane hook on eBay.)

The second hook in the photo is wonderfully special -- it's made with Olivewood... but not just any piece of Olivewood... this is a fantastically wonderful piece with beautifully curling swirling grain! Paired with the double purples, simply gorgeous! (I posted this lovely on Etsy.)

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